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As an insurance broker, we help you with tailor-made insurance solutions, complementing this with the highest levels of customer service. Our specialist focus is on Marine and Construction insurance, as well as Property and Liability lines.

Anchor also acts as a service broker. We are your first point of call: as an independent broker, we act as the primary contact with leading brokers around the world. The result is an optimal balance between personalized attention, excellent service and global network.

Marine & Construction

  • Hull

    Customization is often necessary due to the wide variety of vessels and equipment used in shipping. A dredger has a
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  • Protection and Indemnity (P&I)

    As an insurance broker with a sharp focus on the maritime world, we are experts in the field of protection
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  • Repair and Builders Risks

    Building or repairing vessels involves complicated risks that demand in-depth knowledge and specific insurance solutions. With Anchor Insurance as your
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  • Cargo and Logistics

    Arranging either transport insurance or liability cover is essential when transporting, distributing, storing and trans-shipping goods. The primary purpose of
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  • C.A.R. and Engineering

    Onshore or offshore, every construction project comes with an element of risk. Design errors, poor execution and natural disasters all
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Property & Casualty

  • Property & Business Interruption

    Property insurance provides coverage for damage to buildings, inventory, goods and other property. As well as fire risks, this product
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  • Liability

    Liability insurance has been a fast-evolving area in recent years. Whether due to changes in legislation, ever increasing claims or
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Service Broker

  • Service broker

    An international insurance program sometimes requires the involvement of a broker with an inhouse global network. A large worldwide broker
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Other services

  • Other services

    In addition to our specialist areas of Marine & Construction and Property & Liability, we also advise across several other
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